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GothamWest nurtures an environment where our neighbors benefit from shorter commute times and improved lifestyle options.  We nurture and support local communities by hiring locally, giving back, supporting the arts, and by cultivating properties that bring convenient and essential services, unique shopping, and distinctive food opportunities.  The vast majority of our retail tenants are local and small businesses that help define the character of the neighborhoods that they serve. 


GothamWest is a privately held real estate development and investment management company with a primary focus on residential, retail and mixed-use properties.



Our goal is to enhance the communities we work in by creating high-quality, sustainable environments for people to live, work, shop, and relax.  GothamWest's mission was inspired by the power of blending creativity, masterful design, integration with the natural environment, and the energy of the public realm. In each of our projects, whether existing buildings or ground-up developments, we seek to create quality environments that will serve and inspire future generations.

GothamWest pursues sustainable investment returns by focusing on asset strategies that create value through asset management, development, repositioning, and property enhancement. Our overall strategy is to acquire and develop assets with a strong intrinsic value and a clear opportunity for long-term fundamental growth.

About Us


Since its inception in 2005, GothamWest has invested in over 30 properties with a significant portfolio located in Jersey City.  One of our key investment criteria is that we are uniquely able to improve the property, and as a result, its surroundings.

Our search for the right opportunity is all-encompassing.  Our portfolio includes everything from boutique residential buildings, to warehouses and retail space.  As a small tight knit company, we combine an entrepreneurial approach to crafting our value-add plans with institutional level implementation.

To properly deliver our value proposition, we rely on and build a deep network.  We actively seek the guidance of community stakeholders, hand select the top team members, and bring in partners with like-minded priorities.  Only with the right team can we do what’s right for our properties and their communities.


At GothamWest, we take a proactive, thoughtful, and hands-on approach to Asset and Property Management. We identify each asset's opportunities, mitigate the risks, and focus on value creation at each stage in the asset and property management process. 

From the underwriting of an acquisition target to analyzing the scope of specific unit improvements, we perform detailed return on investment analysis to assess the costs and benefits associated with each execution. Our marketing and lease up strategies are customized for each property to drive traffic, capture interest, and close deals.

Long term decisions and short term decisions are made with the same philosophy in mind: we focus on the details and attributes that add value, enhance the quality, consider the community and demonstrate positive return on investment characteristics. Our overall goal is to identify and create opportunities while executing prudent strategies that achieve long-term value and sustainable returns. 

“Throughout the development process, we strive to integrate community, environment, sense of place, and long-term sustainability into our projects and create memorable places for future generations.”


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